Cefinn and Responsibility

Open, honest, transparent – we are not perfect, we have made a start, and we will keep striving to do better.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to all of us and while Cefinn has never been about fast fashion, we know that we are far from perfect and there is more that we can do. The issues are complex, but we have made a start on the long journey to reduce the impact that we have on our planet and we will keep striving to do better.

Fashion that is Designed and Made to Last

Our collection is created with the principle of timeless style and our clothes are meticulously crafted from high quality materials, so they are designed and made to last.

Our Factories

Our factories must adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure they meet high ethical standards including safe conditions, living wages, regulated working hours and no child labour.

Our Production

We work with factories and mills that are committed to reducing their environmental impact by reducing water consumption, using less plastic, reducing waste and the use of harmful chemicals wherever possible.

Our Packaging

Most of our packaging is fully recyclable and we are working towards 100% being recyclable.

Our Lookbooks

Our lookbooks are made with FSC-certified paper and are fully recyclable.